Jemma Watts

Jemma Watts

Artist, Gallery educator

Working across a diverse range of media including drawing, photography and installation my work explores ideas of the sacred and mystical in the everyday. I engage in a process of recombining familiar signifiers to conjure a sense of the numinous and powerful potential of the commonplace.

My drawings combine the language of arcane symbols and street furniture to re-cast cities as a playground for
cults. By integrating the starkly functional vernacular of traffic control with indulgent and illogical occultism a new syntax of curb-side shrines emerges, portentous and sinister.

I am proud to say I am now part of XVI Collective, a diverse group of artists committed to peer support and opening new opportunities up around the world.
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Location Norwich, East
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Community arts, Private commissions, Creative writing, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Photography, Printmaking
Tags psychogeography, urban, city, mysticism, cult, magic, occult, ritual