Photo: Jeannie Driver in Southsea, South East

Jeannie Driver


Jeannie Driver creates installations, sculptures and 2D work from the ubiquitous material of waste paper. The relationship between the material and ideas is central to the work and provides an alternative visual and physical experience of the material that references ideas of bureaucracy, systems, flow, waste and resource. The actual paper Jeannie works with is gathered from her personal archive of 'waste' generated from many years of project management and arts administration and from the Art Space Portsmouth office. She also receive's donations of waste paper and shredded paper from individuals, or through commissions. "The act of shredding is cathartic , the destruction, the change of form creates a new purpose for the material whilst retaining snippets of its former value. I am a reluctant writer and this initial violent act of reduction undertaken in the studio to create a material to work from is both satisfying and humorous and at the same time poignant and scary. Repetition, time, production and reproduction as themes for contemporary life, are explored through the use of this material; a material that seems to effervesce from all corners of life." The resulting works are multi-layered both literally and conceptually. The artworks represents an alternative form of data, evidence of work and traces of activity. The sculptural forms allude to the material's history. Jeannie is interested in the spatial elements of galleries and how the audiences experience the work. The way she positions the floor works and sculptures in relation to its situation is important to the expression of the work. This provides her with some flexibility to adjust the relationship between the forms in different exhibition spaces to consider the scale relationship to the viewer and how the viewer moves around the work.

Location Southsea, South East
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Participatory projects, Project management, Evaluation, Governance
Artforms / type of project Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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  • new website

    I now have a new website, (the previous one was 7 years old!) same domain name, You may need to refresh your browser, feedback welcome through the contact page.

  • Filament 4 Residency at Magdalan Studios, Oxford

    I am currently undertaking a residency at Magdalan Studios, Oxford. My project involves exploring the galleries and museums and creating new work from Oxford leaflets and flyers.

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