Jayne Anita Smith

Jayne Anita Smith

Artist, Curator

Situated between consciousness and dream, the fractured fragments of another world float on the marginal spaces of our being. Delicately intertwined the organic writhing forms hide a deadly beauty that embalms the inhabitants in its cancerous growth. Suspended by the threads of their past failures and repressed memories, they cast the shadows of their own destruction, referencing J G Ballards's tthe castaways dystopic existence in Vermillion Sands.

Promised the sublime through a manufactured, false beauty, these flawed individuals search for the otherness in relation to the self. Seeking the promised land they are engulfed into a labyrinth of fractured congestion; blinded by toxic temptations and dark desires.

Within this transitory realm suspendended in time and space, my drawings evolve organically, in an attempt to reconnect with the experiences and memories that have shaped me both as a human being and an artist. Shifting, fleeting morsels of random imagery thet exist in the space in between consciousness. An important development in my artistic practice, a way of breaking down physical barriers to open up a dialogue between the tenuous links to the past and childhood dreams of the future.

My work searches for the instinctive space where we search for something more as a reaction to the restraints placed upon us as individuals by a culturally commercialised and plastic contemporary  world.. They set out to explore the loss of utopia and failure of modernism, asking the questions: What was it we might have hoped? what was the world we thought we could have?

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Location Penzance, South West
Activities Residencies, Participatory projects, Curating, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Painting, Participatory, Printmaking
Tags Figurative, contemporary, art, displacement, environment, culture, humanity, abstraction, expression, dystopia
Website http://www.jayneanitasmith.com

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