Photo: Jayne Anita Smith in Penzance, South West

Jayne Anita Smith


My work sets out to explore the loss of utopia and failure of modernism to connect with the human condition.Through the use of space and displaced characters, and their juxtaposition with monumental architectural structures, these works aim to mirror the emotional turmoil and unbalance we experience in the midst of a constrained, yet increasingly chaotic commercial culture. My paintings investigate our relationship to a world that has become increasingly alien and skewed, one in which expression and emotional freedom have become almost impossible to access. My latest works source imagery from photos, the media and old paintings/drawings, anchoring fiction with layers of reality to reflect a world beneath a world that we know. In apocalyptic dreamscapes, colonized by the architectural fabrications of a futuristic world, I describe the search for reconnection - both with a turbulent world in constant flux and with ourselves - and attempt to deconstruct the barriers and constraints that modernism has imposed on our ability to do so.

Location Penzance, South West
Activities Residencies, Participatory projects, Curating
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Participatory, Photography, Printmaking
Tags Figurative, Landscape, contemporary, art, utopia, distopic, displacement, environment, culture

News & Events

  • Feral Angel

    06/05/2014 – 11/05/2014
    Porthmeor studios, St.Ives

    Drawing project

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  • Feral Angel

    Over a period of 6 days I will be carrying out a large scale drawing in one of the studios at Porthmeor, St.Ives. Responding to the book 'Wild' by Jay Griffiths

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