Jasmine Pradissitto

Kinetic paintings Pradissitto has devised an automated gravity fed machine that produces formula based paintings that are constructed from one singular line of paint. By mechanical intervention the artist eliminates inherent unknowns enabling her to produce the controlled abstract. As a result of Pradissitto's scientific and methodical approach her finished works are predictable but always evolving, unravelling themselves with each swing of the pendulum, her process is a confluence of science and art; numbers and mathematics analogous to imagery and metaphor. This is the motivation behind her work having spent time as a research physicist in her previous career working within the conceptual areas of quantum mechanics and optical materials. Through sponsorship and technical support from London South Bank University and Dulux Paints, Pradissitto has constructed 'Heisenberg's Certainty Machine'; involving pendulae, motors and paint, it produces figures alluding to and yet challenging the over emphasised degree of uncertainty at quantum level. read full statement