Jane Walker


Jane Walker's work is based on cities. She is constantly changing the materials she uses to get at her subject matter from different points of view. New groups of work look very different to previous bodies of work because of this. She sees her work as art objects, so the support; canvas, paper , or wood carries meaning as well. Within her images it is the lines that are important. Recently the cities have become vaster as the artist takes higher view points. This has reduced the presence of geometric manmade forms but made the landscape underneath the city more part of the work, with natural forms and changes in the environment becoming concerns. read full statement

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire

News & Events

  • 9th Drawing Biennal Pilsen, Czech Republic

    Jane Walker has work selected for this exhibition of monochrome drawings the work she is exhibiting relates to the body of work she has made for the Liverpool Biennial Independents this year

  • Nuances Parisiennes

    11/12/2013 – 22/12/2013
    ecole des beaux arts 17, la quai de l'universite, St Petersbourg. tel;4380114 pv 11 december 16.00hrs

    contemporary artists from a Paris Gallery showing in the fine art school St Petersburg, looking at links between the 2 cultures

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  • Exposition International

    04/12/2013 – 29/12/2013
    Art 'Et Miss 14 rue Sainte Anastase, 75003 Paris France

    Mixed exhibition, of different media from artists of different countries

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