Photo: Jane Walker in Sheffield, Yorkshire

Jane Walker


My work is based on cities. The space around the lines is a void, a rather uncertain space. This has been a deliberate shift away from the unified modernist space I was taught to construct at art college. The lines are brittle and tense. This technique evolved from working in watercolours almost exclusively from 2000 to 2010. This work was summed up in the text I wrote to accompany my pieces in the exhibition 'Paint' at Beldam Gallery, Uxbridge University, the text was titled 'Art as a Chemical Experiment', and it linked developments in the chemical industry to contemporary changes in colour in painting from contact with 'the orient'.There is still some material experimentation in the spaces around the lines.The recent work is concerned with the fragile nature of our cities and civilization. Painting is very thin almost non existent and civilization seems to be a very thin layer on the surface. In the current work I have been looking at Sheffield which has lost much of its original architecture and my work has been about these ruins.

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire

News & Events

  • Engagement & Entrapment

    Curated by Diana Ali in collaboration with Zmart Gallery. Cypriot and International artists have been invited to submit work which explores a subversive engagement. 24 July to 7 Aug 1020 Nicosia

  • Anonymous Drawings 2015

    International group exhibition of small drawings, Galerie Nord, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Turmstrasse 75 10551 Berlin 2-29 August

  • Engagement & Entrapment

    International group show with a mixture of different media, curated by Diana Ali, at Zmart Gallery, Cyprus, for this show I have made 2 new pieces with collage and watercolour on wood.

  • Overlooked

    urban landscape work for an exhibition at Park Hill Sheffield with 4 other Sheffield artists

  • Salon International de l'art

    13/03/2015 – 16/03/2015
    Rond Point du prado, 13008 Marseille

    an art fair in Marseille featuring 158 individual artists selected by a jury

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  • 9th Drawing Biennal Pilsen, Czech Republic

    Jane Walker has work selected for this exhibition of monochrome drawings the work she is exhibiting relates to the body of work she has made for the Liverpool Biennial Independents this year

  • Nuances Parisiennes

    11/12/2013 – 22/12/2013
    ecole des beaux arts 17, la quai de l'universite, St Petersbourg. tel;4380114 pv 11 december 16.00hrs

    contemporary artists from a Paris Gallery showing in the fine art school St Petersburg, looking at links between the 2 cultures

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  • Exposition International

    04/12/2013 – 29/12/2013
    Art 'Et Miss 14 rue Sainte Anastase, 75003 Paris France

    Mixed exhibition, of different media from artists of different countries

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