In my work I construct allegorical settings in order to explore, comment upon and sometimes confront injustice and violence. Although my work has serious intent, I poke fun at myself and use humour, pathos and the unexpected to engage my audience. I have used a range of media, and shown installations, drawings and work in new media. I have produced work digitally, developing original material from my notebooks and drawing on the screen, manipulating and improvising my compositions on screen. My recent move to Brighton has enabled me to return to making my own screen-prints, in which I combine autographic and photographic imagery in a process similar to collage. I have a background in state education as a teacher of young children and as an art lecturer in higher education. Now I work as a freelance artist-educator at Pallant House Gallery, having refreshed my own education, graduating in 2006 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art and the Anthony Amies award for drawing. read full statement

Location Brighton, South East