Jane Ponsford

Jane Ponsford

Artist, Maker, Gallery educator

I am an artist and papermaker based in the South East. I use repetitive processes to construct sculptural forms made up of hundreds of near identical fragments to make bookworks, sculpture and installations. 

I am very interested in materiality and process, enjoying the effects of change and error. A starting point for much of my work is drawing, marking lines and accumulations within specific spaces. Though some of my practice might seem to be an autonomous activity, in fact interaction and collaboration underlie much of it. The objects that I make or the photographs that document temporary and ephemeral work result from an interaction with people and places. I view collaboration to include the give and take required when working not just with individuals and groups but also with particular settings and landscapes.

Although in the past I have used a variety of materials, recently I have mainly concentrated on working with handmade paper, which I make myself. I enjoy using this material because it brings together surface and form. It is evocative, reminiscent of documentation and archives. Staining and tearing easily, it can be seen as the receptive surface for forensic investigation or a blank form to catch light or shadow.

My current preoccupation is with materiality and process in response to place. While craft processes are integral to the development of my work and inform the final outcome, the starting point of the work is often based on collections of dust and materials connected with specific locations.

Key words to describe my approach: Respond, trace, collect, accumulate, mark

I very much enjoy working with people and deliver workshops in a variety of settings from schools and galleries to museums and out in the landscape.

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Location Esher, South East
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Curating, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Drawing, Environment, Installation, Sculpture
Tags Papermaker, Paper, Landscape
Website http://www.janeponsfordstudio.com