Photo: Jane Ostler in Colchester, East

Jane Ostler

Artist, Project manager, Teacher, Community worker

I like to work on the borders between representation and indecipherability. Sense and non-sense, meaning and non-meaning, finding order in chaos and chaos in order; crossing geographical and emotional borders.

Location Colchester, East
Activities Special needs education, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes
Artforms / type of project Metalwork, Painting, Participatory, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags Jane, Ostler, Colchester, Corsham, Painting, Printmaking, Fine Art,

News & Events

  • Going against the tide

    New work to reflect the period of time it takes to build a reservoir December 14 1994 to July 4 2012; Three Gorges Dam in China Looking back on notebooks, sketches and unrealised projects