Photo: Jane Oldfield in Twickenham, London

Jane Oldfield

Artist, Curator

Jane Oldfield is developing work concerning flying. This provides a focus which connects the variety of her visual work - mainly painting on a variety of surfaces, but also 3D pieces and performance. Flying has always been an obsession for mankind. We have only conquered flight in the last 100 years but it has already become mundane.

Location Twickenham, London
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Residencies, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Painting, Performance, Photography
Tags Flying, Painting, Photocollage, Sluice, xvi collective, Bad Behaviour, ALAS residency, Birds, Insects, Planes

News & Events

  • xvi residency at the Lookout, Aldeburgh

    We are excited at being invited by the Caroline Wiseman Gallery to a residency at the Lookout on Aldeburgh beach during September. I am planning to develop work concerned with flying in the wind.

  • 'MetroEscapes'

    Museo Municipal Ramon Maria Aller Ulloa, Lalin, Galicia, Spain

    My painting, 'My Ridgeway' will be showing in RAG's group show in northern Spain next August.

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