Photo: Jane McAdam Freud in London

Jane McAdam Freud


My practice focuses on concerns around language, its images and interpretations within a psychological framework with both psychodynamic forces and psychoanalytic theory informing my ideas. I often employ the process of pairing, which becomes embedded in the concept for the works. I work with a multi-media and multi-disciplinary approach employing the discipline/media/material that best expresses my concepts, utilising matter or/and objects that are intended to include personal subtexts with universal undertones. My practice includes writing papers and undertaking projects which involve working with scientists, mathematicians, writers, psychologists and psychiatrists. The artist's I admire include the American conceptual artists such as John Baldessari, Joseph Kosuth and Susan Hiller whose work After the Freud Museum, I first saw exhibited at the Freud Museum in London in 1994 - a work which made a resounding impression on me. read full statement

Location London
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Sculpture, Text
Tags sculpture, installation, intervention, public art, psychology, psychological, text, language, pairing, multi-disciplinary

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