Jane Grant is an artist who works with moving image, sound, installation and drawing. Her work often draws on scientific ideas, both contemporary and historical. Her collaborative work with scientists, musicians, composers and designers has resulted in award winning projects including, The Fragmented Orchestra with John Matthias and Nick Ryan which was winner of the PRSF New Music Award, 2008 and received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronic 2009, Hybrid Arts Category. The Fragmented Orchestra was exhibited at FACT and 23 sites across the UK. Jane is currently working on a number of NeuroArts projects, including the development of The Fragmented Orchestra. Her recent work includes Soft Moon and Leaving Earth, both films influenced by astrophysical science and literature with specific reference to the written work of Italo Calvino and Stanislaw Lem. Her forthcoming individual projects include new works on the effects of the Sun's forthcoming solar storm in 2012, an artist's film regarding dark matter, a project about the Earth's atmosphere and new sound works. She was awarded an AHRC grant for the project Threshold - Merging the Human Voice with Neurological Time Patterns. read full statement

Location Devon, South West