Jane Frederick

Jane Frederick

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Locating the Domaine is an amalgam of Baroque spaces : a claustrophobic formal environment which has evolved out of obsessive childhood recollections of luxurious yet improbable spaces.

An urgency to remember those captivating sensations, drives me to construct & navigate a new Domaine, a continuous labyrinth evoking moments which are essentially 'fixed' by the saturated use of colour throughout.

My painterly focus is liquidity and plasticity- by developing wet or continuous spaces I am re-engaging with the ocular regime exploited in Baroque painting, paying particular focus to the ambiguity of light, complexity of composition and spatial organisation from that period. Drawing also becomes a recollection of wetness, a simulation. The medium of photography fixes a lost moment- a documented reality. Then the photo transformed through drawing has the aura of the authentic & the qualities of the reproduced : imagination allows the expansion of knowledge to combine in new ways.

Jane Frederick is currently the Course Leader for B.A.(Hons.) Fine Art at Colchester School of Art and a member of N.S.E.A.D, Paint Club East and The Paint Collective.

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Location Colchester, East
Website http://janefrederick.net