Jane Frazer

Artist, Maker, Curator, Project manager, Teacher

Jane Frazer combines hand-woven and knitted fabrics, heat manipulated textiles, perspex, video projections and photography to create eye-catching items for modern interiors. Work ranges from small-scale perspex hangings and jewellery to large-scale installations, which can be bought or commissioned from the workshop. Paintings, digital artwork, video filming and production services are also available from Jane's studio. Jane currently uses the elements, wind and water, the natural and urban landscape for inspiration. Layering, reflection, transparency, illusion and the qualities of light are evident in all her work regardless of the medium. Information is collected and developed using photography, digital video and drawing then translated into designs for woven and manipulated sculptures. Jane weaves highly textural fabrics on a traditional floor loom from high-tech yarns, selected for their visual qualities in daylight and artificial light. The fabrics are constructed into eye-catching, ethereal 3D sculptural pieces designed for modern private or public spaces. Knitted wire structures are also produced. Although calming and tranquil in daylight, the fabrics can be transformed into vibrant, glowing sculptures by illuminating them with coloured spotlights or video projections. A quick and economical way to change the ambience of an interior. Currently smaller scale items are produced by heat manipulating perspex, light emitting plastics and various other materials. A range of hanging tiles and free- standing sculptures are sold through galleries and from the studio. Recent development work has led to a jewellery range and interior pieces using machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet with wire. Jane is a skilled weaver with over 30 years experience. Her international clients have included Stolt Offshore Limited, Det Norske Veritas and Infosto, Finland. www.janefrazer.co.uk www.thetextilehub.co.uk www.janeelizabethfrazer.blogspot.co.uk read full statement

Location NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, North East
Activities Further education, Practice-based research, Training delivery, Private commissions, Curating
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Jewellery, Photography, Textiles
Tags weave, knit, sculpture, commissions, wire, photography, textiles, Newcastle, innovative, contemporary, design