Photo: Jane Fairhurst in Wigan, North West

Jane Fairhurst

Maker, Curator, Gallerist

Jane Fairhurst I use a wide range of media including, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and photography often incorporating objects from my own collections to make work that explores aspects of environmental, political and social issues in contemporary society. My work is often darkly humorous. Research is central to my practice and I gather both visual and written information to support my ideas. A piece of work may come together quite quickly but is often the product of several years of thinking. Important too is the collecting of objects be they artifact or organic material that may be used as part of an installation or included in an individual artwork. In my recently created series of psuedo ethnographic and new folk artifacts I aim to show the keen eye of the anthropologist. In the act of the transfiguration of 'found objects' from their origins into art I am both environmentalist and alchemist. A founder member and trustee of Cross Street Arts, Wigan, I have used my organisational as well as artistic skills to develop networks and dialogues with artists and curators. I have worked together with artists, museums and galleries to create multi media installations showing my own and collaborative works together with loaned artifacts, archival films and the work of invited artists. I have exhibited my work in solo, group and collaborative exhibitions for over twenty years and have work in private collections in the U.K., Europe, Australia and America. read full statement

Location Wigan, North West
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Participatory projects, Creative writing, Curating, Project management, Photographic documentation, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting

News & Events

  • Searching: Unexpected Treasures

    12/09/2014 – 21/09/2014
    Bridewell Studios and Gallery, 101 Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8UL

    An exhibition of artworks that engage with the concept of searching, and more importantly unexpected finds and treasure.

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  • Ecotopia - (ongoing project from Autumn 2013)

    Quercus robur, is the native oak of the British Isles and host to more flora and fauna than any other tree. Part of my project is to produce images of these lifeforms in a wide variety of media.