James Sutton

My work is inspired by nature; I interpret organic shapes I have observed, and carve them into tactile forms; it is important to me that the viewer experiences the sculptures first hand and is free to touch, stroke, and engage with my sculptures in everyday environments, from there own house or garden to parks, school playgrounds and other public spaces. I carve my forms directly out of stone by hand using mainly marble and limestone. All my work is visually pleasing, and generally abstracted to the point where it is almost unrecognisable from its source. This allows the viewer to enjoy the work on two levels by interpreting the work in their own way and by exploring the form through its title. My work generally evolves around the flowing curves of organic shapes with occasional, subtle surface decoration so as not to detract from the form itself. I enjoy piercing the form, creating interesting interplays with light and the forms surroundings. I have been heavily influenced by the work of sculptors Brancusi, Moore and Hepworth. I conform to a lot of their ideals; the search for pure form, abstraction, their love of nature, truth to their materials and the search for something better. read full statement

Location Lincoln, East Midlands
Website http://www.jamessutton.co.uk

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