James P Graham

James P Graham

I have been working full time as an artist for 9 years principally using film, photography, & sculpture. I am autodidactic, leaving Eton College at 18 and starting my career in photography working in Paris until 1994, before subsequently returning to London for a brief spell Directing TV and Cinema.

My practice started with stills photography and filmmaking, particularly exploiting the interface
between analogue processes and high end technology. A large 360° film installation, Iddu, is my best known and most innovative work. Funded by the Arts Council of England and the NESTA Foundation, Iddu is an artwork that was made over 5 years on the active volcanic island Stromboli in Italy and is exhibited within a purpose built 9m wide circular structure projecting imagery that evoke notions of heaven and hell. I have recently diversified my practice to include sculpture and drawing, with the recent production of a series of sculptures entitled Suspended Animation.

Mainly using landscape and nature, my work often references the now disused term 'scientia sacra', permeating chosen locations and objects with a metaphysical and ontological significance bringing together human artifice and the world of divine creation. As well as interpreting and re-creating notions of 'sacred space', my work is infused with ideas that derive from intuitive and ritualistic sources. The results can be enticingly intangible, and in some cases, totally immersive.

My artworks have been shown in UK, Europe, and Asia. I live and work in London.
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Location London