Photo: James Murray in Brighton/London, South East

James Murray

Artist, Technician
Early career

I am a UK-based artist currently studying on the Phototgraphy MA programme at the University of Brighton. Drawing upon a range of sources from psychoanalysis, literature and Classical myth, my work explores the complex inter-relationship between desire, loss and the mythic dimension of the art object.

My ongoing project Beheld explores the notion of the ‘idealised body’ and its representation in art history. The work finds its starting point in the story of the Corinthian Maid as told by Pliny The Elder in Natural History, which situates the work of art at the intersection of desire and the pain of losing one’s beloved.

Disscussing the madness of desire in his essay The Mirror Stage . . . in Psychoanalytic Experience, Jacques Lacan evokes a world of infinite reflections and contradictions, forever pivoting upon the axis of absence and presence, permanence and impermanence, lack and plenitude; antinomies similarly in tension within the photographic image. 

Combining my own photographs with archival images and a sculptural installation, I aim to create a space in which personal experiences converge with mythic and historical narratives—a space outside of time.

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Location Brighton/London, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Technical installation, Photographic documentation, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Installation, Photography, Research, Sculpture