James Murray

James Murray

Artist, Technician

James Murray is a multidisciplinary British artist working with photography, sculpture and photo-archive research practices. His ongoing project 'beheld' explores notions of the idealised body and its representation in art history, finding its starting point in the story of the Corinthian Maid as told by Pliny The Elder (Natural History circa 77-79AD). Widely recognised as the historical bedrock of Western representation, Pliny's allegorical tale locates the origin of art in the trauma of romantic loss and opens up a number of ideas to do with touch, trace, surface and the mutability of the art object which inform the work. Underpinning this conceptual framework is an on-going investigation into the materiality of the photograph and its relationship to sculpture, with a range of processes and materials used to work through these ideas.


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Location Brighton/London, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Technical installation, Photographic documentation, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Installation, Photography, Research, Sculpture
Website http://www.jameswilliammurray.com

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