James R Ford is a British artist whose practice explores notions of repetition, pathos and idiocy; delving into the activities and influences of his childhood. His body of work consists of process based projects and investigations: ranging from inventing a new home based sport, to covering a Ford Capri in over 4,000 toy cars, to spending countless hours scribbling loops. Ford's practice is idea driven and his resulting works take many forms. In 2002, with collaborator Spencer Harrison, he created a faux fitness regime called House Gymnastics. The project started as a website, developed a cult following, and became an internationally published book. In 2006 Ford co-curated the Kitson Kaleidoscope event with Mark McGowan: a two hour set of performances beamed live on the internet from Ford's bedroom in London. Participating artists included Sally O'Reilly, Russell Herron, Sarah Doyle and Brian Catling. In 2008 Ford exhibited a solo show of his work at Ferreira Projects, London, entitled Duchamp played Chess; I made Cranes in reference to Marcel Duchamp's (supposed) abandonment of art for chess and Ford's decision to dedicate his time to folding Origami cranes to the near exclusion of all other activity. Ford's follow up show in 2009, Only Boring People Get Bored, was an existentialist outing via reworked puzzles, games and by-products of boredom. The installation 33 Things To Do Before You Are 10 was shown as the result of his gallery residency as well as forming an integral part of the exhibition. read full statement

Location London