Jacki Storey

Artist, Maker, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

My work investigates the ability of light to reveal and conceal objects and spaces, and is particularly influenced by Freud's notions of the uncanny and Proust's narrative of the transitional. Camera Obscura Projective Installations explore and extend the artistic potential of the camera obscura to perceptually transform objects and spaces by exploiting its unique visual qualities. These pertain to immediacy and directness, and possess a unique visual 'feel' where two dimensional imagery strongly suggests three dimensions. Although apparently tangible, projected imagery appears to reside in a void where there is an absence of surrounding visual reference. However, unlike conventional camera obscura projections, these involve synchronicity, juxtaposition, transparency and transition and the manipulation of ordinary objects. Whilst initially experienced in real time as installations, unmediated recordings are also available for film screening. Alongside live and recorded moving imagery, I use long exposure Pinhole Photography to trace and capture in single images, the passage of time as light slowly moves over objects and spaces.

Location Eastington, Stonehouse, South West
Activities Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Research, Sculpture
Website http://www.jackistorey.com