Photo: Jackie Berridge in Southwell, East Midlands

Jackie Berridge

Artist, Curator, Arts administrator

The most recent body of work reflects a new focus on portraiture but not in a conventional way. Rather than representing an accurate physical likeness, pictorial clues and codes are used symbolically to convey the different lifestyles and traits of various individuals.

Each 'sitter' is described at a particular moment in time and placed in a specific environment.  Colour, line, pattern, body language and gesture are used to communicate stories and highlight the flaws and strengths, desires and fears of an array of different personalities. These cameos are based either on real people or fictional characters.  A picture of each person emerges through suggestion and symbolic language without overt reference to actual visual appearance. Any likeness of persons to the work is purely coincidental,

The selection of people for this series is completely random. Disparate individuals can be connected in interesting ways, whether through natural disaster or systems such as dates of birth or passport numbers. In these circumstances princes, shop workers, bankers, home makers and artists can exist on the same page. 

Whilst the iconography has personal significance, it also allows the viewer to create their own decoding and narrative

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Location Southwell, East Midlands
Activities Residencies, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting

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    Jackie Berridge is curating a show of 34 artists at Platforms@Art-Athina, Athens 4-7 June 2015