I am a multi-disciplinary artist. I work in sculpture, painting, installation, sound and occasionally make artists books. I try not to have a particular style and a new piece of work tends to be in a new medium; a book, a painting, a film, a boat made of a matchbox or a drawing made on the walls of a timber store. This reflects an investigative approach to 'ways of making' as well as the way those 'made objects' interact with the world around them. I have recently exhibited in public parks and have worked in partnership with public art organisations.The things I make often find themselves outside of the 'white cube' and in public spaces or buildings. I try to make engaging work, it needs to have a 'way in' before the viewer can start to unravel deeper meaning. This doesn't mean my work is straight forward, sometimes a piece is left open, a set of ideas or materials put together to start a particular train of thought. A finished piece of work often talks of the detail of things, small objects or events others may pass by, the importance of minor adjustments or how a small intervention could change future events. As my practice becomes more socially engaged, As i start to manage projects, work collaboratively, I'm interested in how I control/allow the collapse of boundaries between work, art-making, employment and making things I want to make. read full statement

Location London
Website http://www.jackbrown.me.uk