Isobel Crawford


Central to my practice is the investigation of uninhabited places- domestic, public and imaginary. In doing so, I realise that I am driven, not by the high drama of life, rather the mundane, everyday repetitive routines that ensure survival and encapsulate culture and identity. Although my practice is rooted in the present, there is an awareness of the history of place, people and objects and in common with other artists I will look to the past when seeking solutions for the present. It is more important for me to elicit an emotional response rather than a literal interpretation of place that I may share with the viewer. "Perfect Princess Series" Investigation of the photographed portrait using porcelain dolls enabled exploration of lighting and technique without the need to flatter the subject. In using these inanimate objects, something strange began to happen as they emerged from the printer. Behind their perfect porcelain facade there seemed to be an impression of intelligent life in their eyes, some looking indifferently, others with a more malevolent air.Although cherished by many, they have the ability to disconcert the viewer with their gaze. This investigation has evolved into an exploration of the porcelain doll and the people that collect them. read full statement

Location Colwyn Bay, Wales