Iris Kid


The departure point is an interest and engagement with escape. Materials are abandoned or redundant buildings, rooms and their contents; spaces in a state of transition. They constitute a playground for exploration where photography is used to document what is found, describing a gap, a forgotten section and a sense of amnesia. As protagonist and editor there is a personal exploration of the psychology as well as physicality of spaces and things, documented and framed to reveal new narratives. These are snapshots of a moment that immediately become a history. They might be real or fabricated. Chance and coincidence rub up against the planned and displayed. In capturing and reproducing these viewpoints, the work invites a form of time travel, playing with and suggesting new alliances from our collective memory in familiarity and reproduction. The choice and placement of work in exhibition builds a visual connection with the formal qualities of each space, confusing the locations of where these images are taken. Knitting together these visited spaces to construct the extended mythology Lacuna Island.

Location Bristol, South West