Photo: Inguna Gremzde in London

Inguna Gremzde


My current practice explores human and nature relationship, examining different possibilities in interpretation of human alienation from nature due to consumer lifestyle as a probable reason. My work implies landscape elements, regarding landscape as a portrait of nature. Landscape can be looked at as a focus for the formation of identity. Growing separateness from nature and dominating consumer lifestyle results in people tending to spend more time in constructed, artificial spaces like shopping malls and waiting halls in airports defined as non-places, which are real measure of our time and opposed to places have no identity, relations and history. Most of my recent work deals with miniature landscape paintings placed in standardized plastic bottle caps. The scenes are a small world on it's own depicting sky, meadows and woods, surrounded by contemporary frame. Even not showing any trace of human presence the scenes juxtapose contemporary consumer lifestyles with man's historically romantic relationship with nature. The usage of mass produced plastic caps implies the ambiguity of trashing landscape on the one hand, and recycling the caps on the other. The work in the same time investigates the common trend of landscape itself being regarded as convenient and turned into commodity. So the work addressing the individual's sense of belonging to specific place questions global ecological issues. Conceptually miniature scale could be regarded as a reference to the shrinking space of untouched nature. The small scale of the paintings engages the viewer in a close examination and the scene of nature like anything paid close look at can open itself to reveal a secret life, a narrativity and history outside the given field of perception. read full statement

Location London
Tags oil painting, nature, environment, landscape, recycling, mixed media

News & Events

  • 35th Annual Art Exhibition

    20/01/2014 – 09/03/2014
    The Monmouth Museum; Lincroft, NJ, US


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  • Fotonale Brugge

    08/01/2014 – 14/01/2014
    Hal Cultuur; Brugge, Belgium


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