Ian Maslen

Ian Maslen


My practice is situated between drawing and sculpture, with scale and materiality being an important factor in the reading of the work. Large paper and cement based works on paper alter the architectural space of the gallery by hanging from and across the ceiling down onto, and along the floor.

Free-standing precarious constructions respond to both their architectural surroundings and to ideas of dystopia. The ideas that underpin my practice concern grand projects that have failed to live up to expectations. From Biblical accounts of the Tower of Babel, to technological failures such as the Titanic and the Hindenburg.

I am interested in ruins and neglected sites, and how these can be reminders of what was once great, and also a reminder of a possible failure in the future.

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Location London
Activities Residencies, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Website http://www.ianmaslen.com

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