Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson

Artist, Maker, Film-maker, Arts administrator, Lecturer / academic

My art practice has evolved over time; initial activity was in ceramics and this endeavour, which was primarily concerned with a dialogue about the form and nature of the vessel has, over the years, given way to work based primarily in video or in multi-media installations that employ projections, sound and a variety of other three dimensional objects.

The subject matter of my work reflects my
interests; mythology, fairy tales, spirituality and world religions sit alongside more technical concerns such as ecology, topography and satellite images of the Earth and cosmos. This eclectic range of interests determines some imagery; the sea, fire, and other elemental information meet shrouded figures, dark forests and barely seen monsters. I rarely intend the work to be literal.

I intend most of my work to be viewed in a darkened space that allows the viewer to create some form of “separation” from their real life; I have become very involved in using video as a poetic medium that enables multiple associations reinforced by an often complex, multi-layered soundtrack. In this respect I am looking to develop a non-narrative form of image making that allows and encourages concurrent associations.

The physical presentation of my work is informed by contemporary sculptural practice; using a wide range of materials and sensory elements. In addition to this I am highly influenced by ancient art - especially religious / spiritual art from a variety of cultures. I find the metaphorical content and formal nature of religious art to be powerfully evocative.
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Location South Queensferry, Scotland
Activities Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Workshops, Learning programmes, Disability arts, Community arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions, Gallery education, Visual arts consultancy, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Digital, Drawing, Film & Video, Printmaking