Photo: Holly Slingsby in London

Holly Slingsby


len-based media and drawing. My recent work cannibalises and regurgitates visions of the divine from various cultural traditions. I am fascinated by the ways in which these images overlap, how a particular symbol is adopted and adapted as it passes from ancient pagan mythology to devout religion to modern secularism. These efforts to capture the divine (if indeed such a thing exists) inevitably fail but humanity’s continued attempts to do so lie at the core of my interest; religious iconography attempts to visualise the invisible, and articulate the unknowable, both of which fascinate me. This preoccupation extends into the way that classical figures have been subsumed into contemporary consumerism – Venus razors, Nike trainers, Mars bars – and the imagery this produces. My reference points range from opulent medieval frescoes to nativity play costumes improvised with a tea towel and a scrap of tinsel. From these various sources I construct new deities who are conspicuously human, hand-made, unconvincing and distinctly unreliable. The props and costumes I make use quotidian materials like cotton and cardboard to emulate something sacred; they are recycled and disposable like many of the icons that populate our everyday visual culture.

Location London
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Film & Video, Live Art, Performance, Sculpture, Textiles

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