Hilary Barry

Hilary Barry

Artist, Teacher, Gallery educator


I either paint the human body or the landscape.  The imagery is retained from past memories often overlaid with more present recollections and thoughts.  Figures appear - they become the past, and then the future pushes forward, when today arrives, it is becoming the past.  It's a continuous process - a cycle, everyone in the world is constituted from pieces of time, therefore, I co-ordinate the past, present and future in the work.

I paint people who are temporary - they will eventually leave the world and become the past.  However, landscapes have longevity they continue to exist in the world after we have passed through.

We don’t have to understand everything we see in each painting.  The intention is for the work to be open-ended with space for interpretation by the observer.  The images evoke elements in life, and as in life, we do not always understand everything that we have seen or experienced

The painting and printing process also plays with time and its history is reconfigured into a democratic present.

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Location London
Activities Primary education, Arts in health, Community arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Education project, Project, Drawing, Painting
Tags Painting drawing printing landscape Wales figure layering memory emlotive
Website http://www.hilarybarry.net

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