Hideko Inoue

I am currently employing a variety of approaches to debate notions of people, place and time. My personal experiences of living in two countries have prompted me to reflect upon the extent to which individuals are a product of their genetic make-up or of their environment i.e., nature or nurture. I have personalised this by producing a series of paintings, based on old black and white photographs, including family snapshots, where selected individuals have been relocated to a modern world of colour, i.e., colours and other visual information are manipulated in order to update memories of historical events into the present day. The project is broad in focus and features images of other individuals from a number of different countries, based upon family photographs given by friends and associates. It is hoped that in the production of, and subsequent viewing and investigation of the work, both artist and audience will be able to develop their own personal relationship with the subject of each of the portraits. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East