When I paint I am looking for ways to represent my encounters with the beauty and power of the natural landscape. My intention is to find visual equivalents for the sensual, aural, and other, primarily non-visual experiential qualities encountered. This wish to paint as a homage to the environment led me to choose recycled and eco-friendly materials, and also introduce new subject matter such as places currently threatened by environmental issues. It is important that the scenes I depict are a recollection of my experience and feelings towards an occasion which is still fresh in my memory. Consequently I am visiting areas near to where I am living at the moment, which either show signs of people's efforts (or lack thereof) towards sustainable projects, or occasions where the effects of climate change are visible, i.e. flooding and unusual weather. In trying to reduce my carbon footprint, I hope to raise awareness and show others that it is not only financially beneficial, but crucial to the preservation of eco-systems all around the globe, that we lead more responsible and sustainable lives. read full statement

Location Brighton, South East
Website http://www.hesterberry.co.uk

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