Photo: Henny Burnett in Salisbury, South West

Henny Burnett

Artist, Teacher

Artist Statement My work has a continuing preoccupation with museums, collecting, fragility and transience. Inspired by family history, personal memorabilia often become incorporated into the forms and structures I create. Gloves are cast in plaster and printed with fragmented texts from different eras, resembling fragile relics. Old recipes are printed and sewn into thinly cast paper and muslin bowls. Sound and light are increasingly important in the presentation of my work by incorporating light boxes, projections, recorded histories and sound pieces. While past work such as the installation 'The Grandmother's Cupboard' (2004) has drawn on personal histories, 'The Shoemaker's Shrine' (2009) represented a new departure in the work. The initial starting point was indeed family connections with the county and its industry but the developed work had a more social historical aspect. This new working process was further developed in the piece “Stroud Scarlet Triptych” (2010) which drew on the archives and exhibits relating to the wool industry at both Museum in the Park, Stroud and Trowbridge Museum. The process of working with museums and their archives has resulted in work that explores impermanence and memory; is rooted in the fabric of the home, yet presented in an historical context. read full statement

Location Salisbury, South West
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Practice-based research, Art historical research, Residencies, Workshops, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Gallery education
Artforms Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture
Tags collecting, collage, assemblage, gathering, memories, family histories, cabinets of curiosities, vitrines, light boxes, photograms, liquid emulsion.

News & Events

  • Cicatrix - A touring exhibition commemorating the centenary of WW1.

    14/07/2014 – 30/09/2014
    Trowbridge County Hall and The Young Gallery, Salisbury.

    Along with the artists Prudence Maltby and Susan Francis we gained ACE funding for the touring exhibition Cicatrix.

    Find out more

  • “National Memory - Local Stories”, is a creative participation project.

    Working at The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum in Salisbury I am one of the artists taking part in this project lead by The National Portrait Gallery working with museums across the UK.

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