Helen Saunders

My focus is the changing environment, revealed in the constant flux between man and nature, old and new. Using photography to transform our everyday surroundings I document in-between spaces such as building yards and wasteland. Such places lack individual identity, and are often missed in our everyday lives, yet it is here where processes of change and landscape development are most visible. By digitally dissecting and re-constructing the landscape, I explores the history and shifts in that environment. The images are taken from viewpoints on the peripheries of urban life, often around old transport networks like railways and canals. Change often appears here due to the streamlining of industry and drive towards regeneration. In my chosen sites, new buildings sit alongside older architecture, which reveals how the identity of that area is changing. My digital methods reflect the act of painting a landscape, and are framed by historic references to the 19th century Romantic Movement. Painters such as John Martin and Caspar David Friedrich combined real elements from the natural environment with fantasy, which has become a template for the CGI landscapes within today’s visual culture. Their focus on the transformative effects of light on the natural environment conveys a sense of the sublime, something that is now present in our modern, post-industrial landscape. read full statement

Location Leicester, East Midlands