Photo: Helen Gorrill in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North East

Helen Gorrill

Artist, Curator, Art historian, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

I am an artist, lecturer and doctoral research student specialising in contemporary women's and feminist art practice (Ph.D. in progress: The Place of Painting). My work is archived at the Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art 'Artabase' based at the Brooklyn Museum in New York and I am the UK representative for the Feminist Art Project (, USA). The Observer on Sunday/The Guardian in 'Britain is not radical enough': "The drawings for her degree show, which reverse the female submissiveness advocated by a religious pamphlet posted through her door, put women in a dominant position while the men are bent and bound in sexual submission. The male figures have been censored, but to protect whom? The spam I receive contains more indecency than Ms Gorrill's work, and it is much less interesting because she makes a valid point." Most recently, I have been working with 'collage', reconstructing the female form from recycled materials, inspired by Hannah Hoch's 'Cut with the Kitchen Knife' work from the 1920s. Not dissimilar to Hoch's inspiration, the reality for many women in recessional 2013 includes entrapment in low-paying jobs and subjection to male-dominated hierarchies. Whilst my collages have been described as vivid and visually striking, a closer look raises a question-mark over the issue of equality, revealing the posed women as fractured and torn, reconstructed from the broken imagery of the dream of the perfect housewife in 1950s magazines, juxtaposed with the content of contemporary 'lads mags'. read full statement

Location Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North East
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Art historical research, Curating, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Education project, Mixed Media, Painting, Research
Tags helen gorrill, feminist, art, painting, research, academic, installation, consultancy

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