Photo: Helen Dryden in Leeds, Yorkshire

Helen Dryden


I am a visual artist who makes abstract and figurative paintings and drawings. Bright colours, patterns, psychedelic swirls of watery paint and solid blocks of colour feature in my work. I am motivated by ideas of visual pleasure, utopian worlds, alternate realities, escapism, joy, and humour.

I have painted ravers from the 90's and magicians performing stage illusions. I also paint abstract pieces, using pom poms, ribbons, gems, gel pens and felt tips. I like non-elitist, accessible materials that are sensual, fun, and pleasurable to use.

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Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags painting, drawing, Psychedelic, utopia, rave, alternate reality, subversive, abstract, figurative

News & Events

  • Helen Dryden Open Studio – at East Street Arts’ Open Studios 2015

    Helen's home studio

    As part of East Street Arts Open Studios 2015, I will be opening the doors to my studio in my home, and welcoming you to see where I work. Please contact me via my website for my address.

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