Photo: Helen Dryden in Leeds, Yorkshire

Helen Dryden


I am a visual artist who makes abstract and figurative paintings and drawings. Bright colours, patterns, psychedelic swirls of watery paint and solid blocks of colour feature in my work which varies in appearance, yet continues to explore the same themes. Sometimes I use scrap,  craft or childrens art materials such as cardboard, pom poms, ribbons, gems, gel pens and felt tips; as these are non-elitist, accesible materials that are sensual, fun, and pleasurable to use. My work is instinctive and it comes to me from subconcious inner visions and from found imagery. I am motivated by ideas of visual pleasure, utopian worlds, alternate realities, escapism, joy, and humour.

Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags painting, drawing, Psychedelic, utopia, rave, alternate reality, subversive, abstract, figurative

News & Events

  • Helen Dryden Open Studio – at East Street Arts’ Open Studios 2015

    Helen's home studio

    As part of East Street Arts Open Studios 2015, I will be opening the doors to my studio in my home, and welcoming you to see where I work. Please contact me via my website for my address.

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