Photo: Helen Dryden in Leeds, Yorkshire

Helen Dryden


I paint and draw on paper, cardboard, canvas and wood, and my work can be both observational and abstract. I like to let my mind wander, drawing from my subconcious; usually brightly coloured, loosely rendered shapes and bright colours. At other times I collect found imagery that I find absurd and I draw from it, changing parts, creating new suggested, oblique meanings. Ambiguous words and phrases can feature in the body of my work, or in the titles. I like to let my paintings take shape as they progress, and I often work on several pieces at a time. I sometimes close my eyes and I see what I need to paint or draw. Recently I have been using non traditional art materials, like ribbon, cardboard boxes, gems, and grafitti markers. I enjoy experimentation, and suprising myself with new techniques.

Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Private commissions
Artforms Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags painting, drawing, Psychedelic, Post modern

News & Events

  • Chapel Allerton Art Trail, Chapel Allerton Festival, Leeds.

    25/08/2014 – 31/08/2014
    The Mustard Pot, 20, Stainbeck Lane, Leeds, LS7 3QY

    Three of my new paintings will be at Chapel Allerton Art Trail. They are small acrylic paintings, based on found Internet video footage of British ravers in the 90's.

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