Photo: Helen Booth in Llandysul, Wales

Helen Booth

Artist, Maker

Current Practice I am essentially a fine art painter, but I do print and draw as part of my practise. I have recently re-dicovered Gesso which I am finding captivating in its coldness. Concepts If you look at my paintings closely you will see layers upon layers of paint. Each piece takes time to complete, although the marks are expressive and impulsive, the building up and stripping back takes time and perseverance. My prints on the other hand are far more instantaneous. I love the immediacy of the medium, the way in which I can create atmospheres using one colour and manipulating the inks on the plates. Painting and printing are very different for me, but one could not exist without the other. The colour black figures heavily through-out my paintings and prints. Whether it is a heavily worked painted brush-stroke or a fine graphite line, it tends to dominate; like a calligraphic mark. They are all inherent markings, in the same way that punctuation is inherent to a written page. To me it is the line that changes and metamorphosis, it is the very blood that runs through my veins. It can be so delicate that it is hardly visible, veiled under layers of paint and washes, or it can be pulsing in the foreground, reminding me that time is our only constant. Career path Graduated in 1989 from Wimbledon School of Art. Had several Studios in London, moved to Wales in 1995. I have been elected as a member of the RCA and I have recieved two awards from the John Downes Oppenheim Trust. I have also received two ACW grants for R&D Currently working as a full time painter. read full statement

Location Llandysul, Wales
Activities Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking

News & Events

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    29/03/2014 – 17/05/2014
    Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan

    Solo Exhibition at Oriel Mwldan in Cardigan, as part of the Oriel Davies Off Site programme. large Scale Light installation along side 40 other works.

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  • S4C press Coverage

    A short interview about The Spring Exhibition on S4C. Exhibition, curated by gallery owner Cat Gardiner starts at 29:40

  • Three

    04/04/2014 – 07/05/2014
    gallery -10

    Three person show at gallery-ten in Cardiff. Opens 4th April until 7th May.

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