Helena Seget

A common theme, which seems to run through my work, is the elevation of the status of the discarded, rejected and ignored. My designs recognise neglected needs and challenge the standard. I work mainly in ceramics and photography. 'Making Sense', a series of over 40 ceramic tiles, is one example of elevating the status of the discarded. In the series I took the scrawled notes of someone suffering from Alzheimer's and gave them both a presence and permanence, which they did not possess in their original form. Similarly, in my series of photographs, titled 'H11', I documented the new importance given 30 cinema seats, which had been destined for the skip. With 'Tony Blair artist rat' I took objects that had been work on by a pet rat and photographed the result, giving the altered object new significance, as well as the rat. My current ceramic projects continue this theme, for example creating petite porcelain shelves on which tiny items can be displayed on a proportionate and intimate platform. As well as challenging standard approaches to design, Such as undulating porcelain shelves and a porcelain chair, which has a seat that extends into a saucer an plate for someone who is left-handed - a minority group. I like to work in porcelain, giving objects sinuous forms and a sense of life. I do not glaze the porcelain, so that the focus is on the form and I polish it to make it smooth and sensual to stroke. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East