Photo: Helen Alveranga in London

Helen Alveranga


The initial inspiration for my current body of work started with my garden. Nature is one of the most amazing things to me. I think of it as a place of discovery. I am inspired by it, I depend on it its raw material for me. The paintings I make are derived from photographs, which I take myself. I use the camera to jot down what I see. I like looking and describing, using the images to explore the process of making. The medium I use is oil on canvas and the paintings vary greatly in size anything from 13.5cm x 17.5cm to 80cm x 100cm. Translating from one medium into another as I do with a photograph into a painting means that you have to really understand what you are looking at: decode it, break it down, plus you have to have a good knowledge of the new language that you're translating into i.e. the painting language, so that the resulting image really functions in the space between the two. There is more than one way to make a painting based on a photograph; I paint in a flat realistic manner, which is reminiscent of the illustrations in the early ladybird books of the 1960s. I grew up with these books, so there is probably a subliminal link to my painting style. I meticulously cover the entire surface of the canvas with the image, thus making the surface of the canvas whole. read full statement

Location London
Activities Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Environment, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags oils, painting, realism, nature, canvas, plants, pebbles, nature

News & Events

  • The Royal Institute of Oil Painters

    11/12/2013 – 21/12/2013
    Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1

    My work has been selected from over 1,000 entries to appear alongside paintings by some of Britainโ€™s leading figurative artists.

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  • Still Life: Nature and Objects Staged

    30/11/2013 – 22/02/2014
    Riverside Gallery, Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, TW9 1TP

    This open exhibition explores contemporary still lifes, from traditional depictions of man-made or natural objects, to more conceptual and novel approaches in mixed and digital media.

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