Photo: Heather James in The Lake District, North West

Heather James

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Event organiser, Arts development worker

I have been working almost exclusively with flower imagery, drawing on the dark significance of their art historical symbolic meanings from the Northern Renaissance and Dutch Still Lifes in particular, to explore issues relating to and arising from contemporary culture, (the same visual language from which the ubiquitous contemporary skull is drawn). The feminine associations and connotations of the imagery is relevant to me with regard to the current problematic attitude towards beauty, and how that mutates our attitude towards love and loving in the modern day consumerist society and celebrity obsessed culture; observations informed by reading and research into developments in neuro science and how what we see, (and how we see it), affects us. In struggling with these issues the paintings become an exercise in the nature of mimesis, an exploration of symbolic materiality, a depiction of surface as insecure, changing, ageing, altered, manipulated, and to varying degrees artificial; subjectively beautiful or repellent.

Location The Lake District, North West
Activities Training delivery, Public art, Private commissions, Curating, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags Contemporary cultural significance, media influence, neuroscientific reading, feminism, social conscience.