Photo: Hayley Lock in Eye, East

Hayley Lock

Artist, Lecturer / academic

My practice straddles fact and fiction, truth and the fake. Weaving new narratives of history and myth through a complicated and sometimes mysterious tale of heartache of heartache, lust and delusional thinking, Lock allows her practice to accumulate, take unfathomable journeys and elicit deceit to create part encrypted biography and part parallel histories through drawing, collage, sculpture and sound. Introducing new characters, landscape and trophies that may or may not exist within the story that as yet still remains hidden from the viewer, Lock forces the audience to re-invent their own dialogue within the works for constant reinvention to an often bizarre and outlandish end. read full statement

Location Eye, East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies
Artforms Project, Digital, Drawing, Film & Video, Research
Tags Drawing, Digital, Historical, Imaginary, Sound, Film, Sculpture, Psychological, Non - linear, Fake