Photo: Hayley Lock in Eye, East

Hayley Lock

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Incorporating drawing, collage, sculpture, sound and film, my practice attempts to capture conversational dialogues across parallel time frames, identities and locations. Often re-staging found and imagined conversations and constructed histories I appropriate, reimagine and mirror back a pseudo fantastical world where visions are commonplace and imagination is rife, revealing a dark world in perpetual crisis. I am currently working with and under hypnosis in an attempt to re-engage with my practice as an altered self, looking at where the unconscious meets the conscious creating new systemic structures of belief. This work has taken the form of digital images, film, sound, performance and the written word leading to public performances. I am also working on films, sound works and ceramics that try to encapsulate moments of the visual that occurred as an altered self using taste, touch and smell as well as the synaesthetic experience that I experienced whilst under hypnosis. I am interested in working across disciplines to inform my practice. read full statement

Location Eye, East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies
Artforms / type of project Project, Digital, Drawing, Film & Video, Research
Tags Drawing, Digital, Historical, Imaginary, Sound, Film, Sculpture, Psychological, Non - linear, Fake