Photo: Hayley Field in Woodbridge, East

Hayley Field

Artist, Arts development worker

My paintings are about experiences - of things, moments, people and places. I like to paint something that I can't imagine how to - moving light, strange shapes, events. These things may be spied fleetingly from a car or train, recalled purely from memory, or studied more carefully up close. It is their colour and composition and how they are rooted in the plane of the painting that interests me. I apply paint in a range of ways - from washes, brushstrokes, masking and stencilling to working back through layers of paint, destroying and erasing - creating a flat but complex plane. Painting allows me a unique space to challenge myself - to ruin and spoil, take risks and make mistakes.

I work in participatory arts, developing and managing projects across Suffolk. 


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Location Woodbridge, East
Activities Practice-based research, Learning programmes, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Painting

News & Events

  • Obscure Secure wins a-n Review Bursary

    a-n's bursary will allow us (Jacqueline Utley, Claudia Bose and Hayley Field) the opportunity to review and reflect on our recent collaborative project and bring our learning to a new project.

  • Runner Up - WW Solo Award 2014

    I am really delighted to be one of four runner-ups selected by Kate Brindley, Cherry Smyth, Lisa Milroy and Sarah Monk for the WW Solo Award.

  • Obscure Secure

    26/02/2015 – 01/03/2015
    Studio 1.1, London

    An exhibition of reproductions of work by women artists from the collection at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich and paintings by myself and fellow artists Claudia BΓΆse and Jacqueline Utley.

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