Hans Christian Ullrich

Concepts I like to make art for public and community spaces as well as for private sites. My themes are often based on natural figurative images from my local area, which is the Lake District, but I have worked on urban themes. My most common theme recently has been related to aspects of water, using the spiral as the main element, such as a piece made in The Beacon at Whitehaven Harbour with local children using designs based on items from their museum collection.Influences Spirituality/Religion, Ancient cultures/Myths, Nature; own cultural identity (Eastern European, British, White)Career path My initial training was a Dip A D in Painting and Sculpture, then in traditional slipware pottery at Wetheriggs Pottery, near Penrith. I have used this as a basis to move forward from. Originally my work was mainly pots but now is more than 50% murals and individual tiles. This has brought the work closer to my training as a painter. In the last 10 years I have produced approximately 40 murals of varying sizes, many of these have been the result of residences in schools. In the Year 2001 I won a competition at Potfest, a ceramic festival based near Penrith. I had to make a piece for a Japanese Garden. The winner was chosen by fellow exhibitors, which included Japanese potters. This has led onto an invitation to work and exhibit in Japan in 2003. read full statement

Location Kendal, North West