Photo: Hanne Westergaard in Sheffield, Yorkshire

Hanne Westergaard

Artist, Maker

Clay has been my medium for over 40 years. I am influenced by Modernism, and while at art school in Copenhagen during the 1960s I was taught that there are strict rules about what should and should not be made. I have mellowed over the years and can now allow myself to experiment with works I previously would not have considered making, but I feel the responsibility to be careful about what I make. The world is full of objects, and I do not want to add to that multiplicity unless I feel that I have something worthwhile to say in doing so. I do not make as many pots as I used to, but perhaps I put more thinking into them. read full statement

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Workshops, Built environment, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions

News & Events

  • Oriel Davies Open 2014

    i shall take part in Oriel Davies open 2014 with one piece of work 'White on Elm' stoneware. the exhibition opens on Saturday 19th April 2014

  • RHS London Shades Of Autumn Show 22&23 October 2013

    I shall take part with my garden ceramics: birdbaths and planters. i will also show, my flower spiral for a garden wall or a conservatory.