Hannah Wiles

For Hannah Wiles places are experienced concretely, not as equations of function to form. In this sense, architecture is 'not' place until and unless we subvert it with the contents of our lives. In other words, places are where time takes route, and it is time in its forms of personal and social memory and in its connection to the cycles of nature that we have attempted to design 'out' of industrial society. For this reason she finds it difficult to draw any form of inspiration from newly built developments that for her have no character and no history. They lack the vernacular layers of natural and social landscape that keep the world interesting. Through her work she hopes to confront how people respond to neglected sites through the means of transforming them in a way that encourages interaction. She is particularly interested in the textures that surround us and the random markings that go unnoticed. She is also interested in emotional and intuitive responses to specific spaces, considering multi-sensory aspects and the effects of the urban environment on the individual. Ultimately, she wants to challenge how these spaces of indeterminacy are perceived. Her work has been described as a form of site-specific interventionism, as she interacts with an existing space in a way that may challenge the expectations of the intended audience, in the hope of reconstructing the urban narrative. read full statement

Location Manchester, North West