Hannah Keba

Consultant, Graphic designer, Gallery educator, Community worker

The work focuses on the fragility and limits of drawing as a medium, looking at the boundary between mark and support, where one merges into the other. Through earlier pieces the work questions how we perceive it, as a drawing or as a sculpture? In more recent works this idea has developed where the work emphasises the trace of a mark, appearing and disappearing as delicate lines become barely distinguishable from their surface. Whether it is an instant drawing created through dropping graphite powder onto a wet surface; or whether it is a delicate pencil drawing which emulates the marks of the image below, the contrast between these techniques considers whether drawing is a final outcome or a process, described as a noun or a verb. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Workshops, Learning programmes, Community arts, Community consultation, Participatory projects, Gallery education, Visual arts consultancy, Evaluation