Hamish Marr

Hamish Marr


What am I doing now?

I have returned to my first love drawing.

There are three reasons, I find that I now have the time to revisit ideas from an earlier very productive time of my life and develop and resolve the images I have never really been able to put to rest over the last 30 years or so. The second reason is that the partnership I had developed over the last 20 years and which has been
in the last few years a reasonably successful public art business is coming to an end through economic times and personal problems. The third reason is that I have found a resonance in the present with the ideas that I wish to revisit and this to me brings a certain kind of validation (obviously only in my mind) in that they seem relevant to the current condition. I also have to acknowledge that my collaborative project “Shadow Laughter” has awakened or opened my eyes again to possibilities and ways to develop ideas that have been closed down over the years of other activity.

I am an Artist and a Digital Addict. Forever I am looking and making and hoping that my passage through this life has meaning however small.

I am a romantic at heart, I love the atmospheric, the shrouded mist, the history and the landscape of imagination where we attempt to make connections between what we believe should be and what really is.

Hamish studied at
1994-96 - Leeds Metropolitan University, MA in Art and Design.
1984-85 - Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Post-Graduate Diploma (Highly Commended).
1979-83 - Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Diploma in Art (Sculpture).
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Location Selby, Yorkshire
Activities Built environment, Public art, Private commissions, Digital Design
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Photography, Public Art, Sculpture