Photo: Gwyneth M. Thurgood in Maidstone, South East

Gwyneth M. Thurgood

Artist, Writer, Teacher, Researcher

My work explores the concept of making the invisible a visible reality through art, and thus expose the patterns of chaos. I am a SciArtist. All my pictures are entirely invisible to the naked eye and lie beyond the range of ordinary vision. I experiment and research micro crystals of various chemical compounds, some of which are medicinal such as sulphanilamide. I take photomicrographs of the compounds using polarised light (crossed polars). This is the art of photomicrography. I am inspired to make drawings, paintings and etchings and write about my techniques in science journals. These images are new for art. The images fall into two categories - intact microscapes and imaginary combinations where unrelated patterns are combined. The microscapes are familiar yet unknown. They repeat formations reminiscent of landscapes in the visible world, on a micro scale. They are fractal self-similar images of holism. The imaginary work is part of the imaginary crystal garden series. I find the wonderful colours seen using polarised light (i.e. under crossed polars) similar to the vibrancy of a stained glass window. This heightens my creativity. My very first works based on the curves and triangles of Euclidean geometry were from the invisible topography of diamonds and mica. Some were painted constructions. Pictures based on enormous magnifications of biological structures followed. These were in collaboration with scientists at various laboratories. In 1992 I purchased my own polarising microscope and commenced the current study of micro crystals. read full statement

Location Maidstone, South East
Activities Adult education, Lecturing, Publishing, Events management
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Painting, Photography
Tags invisible nature, photomicrographs, drawings, invisible nature, photomicrographs, drawing, painitng, writing