Photo: Guy Tarrant in Kent/London, South East

Guy Tarrant

Artist, Teacher

My work has constantly dealt with issues relating to the education system at large. My enquiries question the role of state education with regards to my teaching observations of high pupil resistance and low pupil well being. My focus has concerned resistant and deviant behaviours in over 150 different schools in the London area were I have worked. Although most of my investigations have involved liasions with senior teaching staff, more recent visual evidencing is now involving direct work with young people themselves. Teaching experience 2011-13 Co-ordinator, Annex ESBD School, Swanley, Kent 2010- Deputy Centre Manager, Respite Centre, Bromley 2004-08- Deputy Lead Teacher, Tudor Lodge, ESBD School, Croydon 2008-13 Taru Arts-Community Artist,Woolwich 1999/01- Art Teacher, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School 1999-13 Project Leader-Centrepieces Arts Group, Bexley 1997-12- General Supply Teacher, London 1993/94- Art & Design Lecturer, Castle College, Sheffield 1993- Visiting Lecturer, Norton College read full statement

Location Kent/London, South East
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Special needs education, Lecturing, Participatory projects
Artforms Education project
Tags Education-Art

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