Photo: Guy Tarrant in Kent/London, South East

Guy Tarrant

Artist, Teacher

My artwork deals with issues relating to the education system at large. My enquiries examine the role of education with regards to my teaching observations of high pupil resistance and low pupil well being. I have looked at resistant and unsettled behaviours in over 150 different schools in the London area were I have worked. Although most of my investigations have involved liaisons with senior teaching staff, more recent visual evidencing is now involving direct participation amongst young people themselves.

I have worked extensively in education for the last 20 years working as a Deputy Lead Teacher, Respite Deputy Manager, Head of Art, Art Lecturer, Community Team Leader and Project Manager. My main area of specialism concerns working with pupils with severe SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health).I have worked as a Community Arts Team Leader for 15 years and am a Trustee of mental health arts charity. I currently work as a SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) in small school for LAC (Looked After Children).

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Location Kent/London, South East
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Special needs education, Lecturing, Participatory projects
Artforms / type of project Education project
Tags Education-Art