Photo: Guy Martin in Crewkerne, South West

Guy Martin

Artist, Maker, Project manager, Consultant, Teacher

I am passionate about and principally an object maker. My work, my sculpture, is informed by different aspects of my history - in particular, where the anthropomorphic language of furniture meets architectural references, drawing and teaching. Through an abstract language, using metaphor, ambiguity, symbol and myth (when myth transcends time and meaning), I am interested in making objects that portray feelings about everyday life, whether dark or optimistic. They are vehicles of expression that reflect or comment on the mystery of being human. The work tests a range of possibilities, using a variety of materials. 'Borrowing', 'trace' and 'inner consciousness' inform my working process, whether lifted from the immediacy of studio life or drawing on my history and knowledge. I am interested in the richness to be found in the memory marks left by making, telling the viewer about that aspect of the object's humanity. There is pleasure to be found in the materials worked. I am also interested in the emotional implications to be found in the narrative of a piece, in particular, when the haptic encounter transfers to an intellectual dialogue. I look for the moment, during the creative process, when this occurs and the relationship with the object tempts one to move between these two states. I am interested in the demands of the working process and when the developing object ceases being a thing and becomes a sculpture, possessing its own heartbeat. 'Stumbling' across and taking a step, that acts as an 'interface' seems to allow this moment to happen.

Location Crewkerne, South West
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Public art
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Environment, Research, Sculpture, Woodwork