Grete Dalum-Tilds

Grete Dalum-Tilds

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Lecturer / academic

My most recent project is 'Postcard from the end of the road'

These images are imprints of the desire to go all the way to the end of the road just to see whats there. In these photos I was looking for seals who are on the sand further out in the marsh. I got there at low tide and in the rain, and the established tourist destination at Blakeney Point, showed a different side, than the official aspect when the broads are full of people, water and boats.

I got there at dusk, I found the dystopian unnerving and somewhat worrying site reminiscent of the dark side and quick sand and unpredictable weather. Showing the vulnerability of the uninformed tourist, trying to capture the landscape, in consumer size bytes.

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Location Bedford, East
Activities Higher education, Learning programmes, Visual arts consultancy, Project management, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Digital, Environment, Photography, Sound, Text
Tags environment, place making, new towns, water, heritage, narrative, poetry, transient, landscape