Graham Clucas

Graham Clucas


Over the last 20 years my work has developed from Doctoral research into visual representations of silence. In the recent history of painting the purest presentation of silence has been epitomised by the blank, monochromatic canvas. My concern however, has been to make more intricate and eventful paintings which still retain evident connections with monochromatic blankness and the feeling of silence. To this end, I have explored the use of finely drawn grids which appear almost monochromatic from a distance but reveal their more varied effects on the painting surface at close range, and closely related tones and colours which operate in a similar way but also introduce the notion of time as the viewer waits for the differences to become slowly visible.

In some cases the sense of time is developed further in the painting process itself as thousands of marks are carefully drawn into the cells of the grids; this slow, repetitive act becomes both attentive and contemplative in the hope that the viewer might have a similar experience. In other works, illusions are employed, not as Op-Art devices to deceive the eye, but to introduce an awareness of the passing of time as the mind waits in silence for the apparent configuration of the image to change.

My interest in silence is existential, contemplative, political, and inseparable from the time in which it occurs.
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Location Penzance, South West
Artforms / type of project Painting